The Overview

Projects I worked on at Vivi:

As the first, full-time product designer at Vivi. I collaborated with the Founder, Co-Founder, and product manager to focus on several key areas including Wellness Design, Add Content/Media, Digital Signage and Design Systems.

Wellness (Headspace Integration)

One of my first projects I handled at Vivi was to create an icon and specific pages for the wellness section of the Vivi app. The first integration was with Headspace for students and teachers.
Vivi landing page inside Vivi desktop appHeadspace Icon Landing inside Vivi Desktop AppHeadspace Content inside Vivi Desktop ApplicationVivi landing page inside Vivi desktop app

The Outcome

A better classroom experience:

This new feature was praised by teachers and students. The teachers utilized the Headspace free classes integrated into the daily sessions at school to help reduce stress and anxiety of students. The teachers have seen a more positive attitudes from students since starting these sessions.

Add Content

The problem to solve:

A key area that Vivi admin users wanted us to improve was the ability to add/upload media during a task of creating a sequence, presentation, and destination.

Old and New way of doing things:

The old/previous way of doing things (represented in the 1st screenshot of the prototype below) was to either upload all your content through the add media tab/navigation section and then dive into the area of either Sequences, Destinations, and Presentations.

This way was terrible for a user based on the cognative load a user would have to keep to remember what files were what and if they wanted to add a piece of media, during mid-creation of, let's use a sequence for this example, the user would have to back out and go back to add media.
Add Content/Media Panel inside the Vivi admin portal.List of sequences inside the vivi admin portal.

The Outcome


Although I'm no longer at Vivi to experience this release first hand, based on our user testing and small pool of I.T. admin testing we conducted, the experience and overall improvement of the user flow was greatly accepted and loved by the test we conducted.

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