TetraTech (F.A.A)

The Overview

While work at TetraTech on A.M.S.I.S.

As a senior user experience (UX) designer at Tetra Tech, I was hired to create a design system for the design team but also work on the drug abatement program for the F.A.A called A.M.S.I.S.
Employment Worksheet Screenshot

Drug Abatement Program

One of my first projects I worked on was the Drug Abatement Program. Typically, these applications are heavy data/table driven. These screens below display MMPI Worksheet add and removal of specifics to this document.
MMPI Employment Worksheet Information ScreenshotMMPI Employment Worksheet Information Screenshot - Expanded Version

The Outcome


Although I didn't stay at Tetra Tech for the remainder of the contract, I did find out that our improvements for the A.M.S.I.S. system was a big success for the doctors, nurses and other end-users of the application. This in turn helped the entire medical team perform quicker exams and focus more on the patients.

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